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    "Which doctor?" is the burning question when your medical conditions warrant an urgent visit to a specialist doctor. While internet helps, information is a little bit here and there. You depend on words of mouth to lead you to a suitable doctor. Sometimes you count on luck. Not any more ! Here you can choose to see only the doctors who have been reviewed or recommended by fellow users. Or simply read all reviews and all recommendations.

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    Whichdoctor strives to be the one-stop Singapore portal for you to get information about medical specialists. Information of nearly 6000 specialists & dentists now becomes only one-click away. While proud of our comprehensive coverage (covering >99% of active specialist practioners in Singapore, more than any other existing websites), we are adding more information on daily basis. You can expect more at Whichdoctor.

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    If you like your medical experience, share it with others. If you don't like your medical experience, share it as well. You can help people in-need make knowledged decisions when it comes to seeking medical advice.

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    We provide specialist doctors directory organized by medical specialties, by medical institutions, and by locations in Singapore. You can also easily locate specialist doctors within certain distant from your place -- try our find doctors around your place page ! In addition, our unique and powerful search tools allow you to search for doctors by combinations of you preferred criteria such as doctor's name (full or partial), years of experience, medical specialty, medical institution, education background and gender.

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