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    2017-07-21 23:42    chipmunk18 wrote a review for Dr Perera Inez Sujatha
  • Went to her because the school counselor recommended her. She is very rude, often talking about her own life when you've obviously come to talk about your own. She based her entire diagnosis on a 5 minute conversation With my parents, who, obviously, didn't understand why I was in such an unstable state of mind. Please don't go to her. I would recommend the Promises clinic at Novena, they are more sensitive and a lot more professional

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    2017-07-17 14:07    Sandra876 wrote a review for Dr Lim Kheng Ann
  • I was recommended by my friends to Dr Lim Kheng Ann for my wisdom tooth surgery a few months ago. I was very apprehensive at first but his staff was very professional put me at ease. They were so re-assuring. Dr Lim was very nice, he explained everything so clearly and gave me a choice of local anesthesia or Sedation. because my friend did under local anesthesia, i decided to do the same. Dr Lim gave the anesthesia and it was not that painful. I was pleasantly surprised. Dr Lim explained the steps as he went along and the operation was completed with no problems. I had very little pain the next few days. When I saw him again a week later, everything had healed. he gave me a sryinge to wash the wound with. I don't think other surgeons do that. I was impressed by the service. I also highly recommend him to my friends.

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    2017-07-17 13:53    Sandra876 wrote a review for Dr Lim Kheng Ann
  • 2015-02-23 05:46 vamplolicandy12 wrote:
    Well i m unlucky as this was the first time i have a wisdom tooth surgery i have twice surgery so i went to dr lim kheng ann at first.
    He did not put many pa ......

    Vamplolicandy. I just came across your comments about Dr Lim Kheng Ann. I don't beleive you. I think that you are are just making it up as you seem to be complaining about too many surgeons. How many teeth do you have to remove? You mean you went round trying out all the surgeons at the expense of your mouth? You are obviously a liar. I went to Dr Lim Kheng Ann and he is the most gentle oral surgeon and I had a very good experience with my wisdom teeth surgery. He gave lots of anaesthetic gel to my mouth before the injection. The injection was quite pleasant. During the surgery, we explained every step of the way to re-assure me. The surgery was smooth and quick and I did not feel any pain. I highly recommend him to all my friends and relatives. Actually, after reading your la

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    2017-07-07 17:17    Esta wrote a review for Dr Lim Ziyi
  • This is a doctor with a heart. Great bedside manners. Responsive and responsible. Very high EQ. Gives good and detailed briefs on his patients to his nurses everyday. Great guy!

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    2017-06-23 11:02    MargieSamson wrote a review for Dr Chia Mei Ling Frances
  • Horrible experience. I was waiting for 3-4 hours to see the doctor and when my turn came, she took another 30-40 minuted to study the case. My baby was too tired and hungry so baby started crying. The doctor got frustrated and said your baby has a bad temper. just a troublemaker. I was carrying a 4 month old sick baby in hand and was heartbroken to see such remarks. She was getting late for her dinner appointment and refered us to another doctor. Very unprofessional and I would not recommend this doctor to anyone.

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    2017-06-06 20:21    JohnLee wrote a review for Dr Goh Kim Poh Brian
  • Excellent professional surgeon who did operation for my liver cancer by key hole method.
    Quick recovery no pain. Almost 2/3rd of my liver removed but oy stayed in hospital for 5 days

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    2017-05-30 22:04    rebecca234 wrote a review for Dr Cheong Wei Kuen
  • Dr Cheong Wai Kuen has very bad bedside manners and is extremely arrogant.
    He will scold you if you ask additional questions or if you did not catch the first time, he snaps at you. Poor bedside manners but surprisingly nice to my male companion who was not even the patient.
    He does not bother explain the diagnosis to you and rushes his consultation.

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    2017-05-26 19:03    Pluto wrote a review for Dr Perera Inez Sujatha
  • Agree. She is insensitive.

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    2017-04-29 12:03    NIJA wrote a review for Dr Tham Chee Kian
  • I am currently going through Chemo Treatment under Dr. Tham Chee Kian care at NCC. He is a complete professional with kindness and given me courage to face my medical issue. He will stop anywhere he see his patient and enquire about them and say a few words to comfort them. One of the most best and kind doctors I have come across in my life.

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    2017-04-29 11:56    NIJA wrote a review for Dr Ganguly Sonali
  • I have been taking treatment with Dr. Sonali Ganguly for past several years and recently I am diagnosed with more life threatening medical problems.
    She considered this and started advising me how to handle these issues with courage and was very kind to me. I have not come across this kindness with my siblings also.

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