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    2018-01-08 16:49    JChow wrote a review for Dr Perera Inez Sujatha
  • Dr Inez Perera is a VERY empathetic psychiatrist who listens and probes professionally. Definitely not cold. I've been her patient since early 2000s when she was a consultant psychiatrist at NUH. 5 star for being a mind and soul healer! 👍👍👍👍👍

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    2017-12-27 15:31    chengann wrote a review for Dr Hamed Fesharaki
  • Very professional. Not pushy. He could have sold me extra services and treatments (descaling, crown, etc) but instead, just advised accordingly to what was needed. Took the time to explain the differences and addressed my concerns. Contrary to other dentists I visited before that, who gave me all sort of expensive options (in SG and BKK). In the end, Dr Hamed did two fillings for me. Both done very well. No pain. Looks great and I feel good.

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    2017-12-03 01:13    Frederick wrote a review for Dr Chua Sze Hon
  • Hi Doctor Chua,
    I am Frederick, 12 years old.
    Can you help to treat my mum's skin condition?
    Thank you.

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    2017-11-11 11:59    FoodDyeAllergy wrote a review for Dr Oon Beng Bee
  • I visited Dr Oon a month ago from a referral by a GP for specialist opinion on my severe skin allergic reaction from food which I went to A&E for. Not only was the clinic unable in terms of technical capability to provide further medication/testing/investigation, the lack of current knowledge of skin allergy testing available in Singapore was really disappointing. He was not aware if food dyes allergy testing was possible in any of the clinics in Singapore - which he said he would call up National Skin Centre to ask, and 1 month later I have not heard back. His lack of advice even at multiple prompting for any opinion was really a waste of my visit. Seriously, although AVIVA insurance covered the fees, I am still really appalled at the level of inability of a clinic proclaiming to be a "Skin Clinic". Doesn't matter that it is located within Mount Elizabeth, because his standards/knowledge and medical capabilities are no where near what one would expect from any decent skin clinic.

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    2017-08-14 17:23    Edmund wrote a review for Dr Theng Meng Cheng
  • Do not visit this dentist! I brought my mom to have her dentures done at this dental clinic. After making 6 trips to make 6 adjustments for a denture that I paid her $575 for, the dentures still doesnt fit and I was told i had to make another new set of dentures for $250 as the pair that she had made doesnt work.. Her experience is terrible at making dentures and seem to have no qualms about profiting for their incompetency.

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    2017-08-04 23:34    JaspEM wrote a review for Dr Chua Thai Chong David
  • He's a very good orthopaedic surgeon, and I have seen him multiple times (fractured foot, sprained ankle, broken metatarsals). He has a generally friendly manner but can be a little over eager to usher his patient out and move on to the next one. He does dismiss many questions, I have noticed, which I find rude. Nevertheless, he is extremely capable and all my injuries have been diagnosed accurately (some were quite complex), effectively treated and have healed well. My only concern is that he is extremely overweight and I expect doctors to be able to maintain a good state of health if I am going to trust them with mine. I don't think his obesity hampers him, at least at this point. I recommend him and think he's an excellent orthopaedic surgeon.

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    2017-08-04 23:26    JaspEM wrote a review for Dr Cheng Chi-Chung Ansgar
  • Great dentist, very friendly and efficient. He knows what he's doing. However, be prepared to pay extremely high fees - many patients are rich Indonesians from overseas and a typical cleaning will cost $400. A filling for a cavity is at least $2000. Dr. Cheng is a very capable dentist and I will continue to see him as he has been my long time dentist. However, if money is a big factor for you, I think there are many other dentists who can handle the job just as well. At the end of the day, when you see Dr. Cheng or any other dentist at Specialist Dental Group, you are really paying for the 'experience' of seeing a dentist who works at Mount Elizabeth and - occasionally - gets quoted in the Strait Times newspaper. His focus is on image (even the ads for his clinic feature his own family). Very capable dentist. Very personable. Very expensive.

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    2017-08-04 23:16    JaspEM wrote a review for Dr Ung Eng Khean
  • Dr. Ken Ung is the best psychiatrist in Singapore. Most psychiatrists here just want to write you a prescription as quickly as possible and move on to the next patient. They refer you to psychologists if you want to talk to someone. Dr. Ung truly cares about his patients - he always listens, he has conversations with his patients that are both insightful and helpful....most of all, he knows his patients well as individuals as well as just 'clients.' Most psychiatrists in Singapore are not like this - I saw several before meeting Dr. Ung. One was downright abusive to her patients, both verbally and physically (she used demeaning language and threw physical objects at patients). I was incredibly nervous after that experience. Dr. Ung is totally different. He is truly compassionate and is dedicated to helping his patients recover. He understands that recovery is a process, not something that happens overnight. I highly recommend him. Best psychiatrist in Singapore.

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    2017-07-27 20:59    Sally wrote a review for Dr Lim Kheng Ann
  • I am Sandra's friend and I also had a very good experience at Dr Lim Kheng Ann's clinic. I did my surgery in 2015. I have recommended many of my friends to him since. All my friends gave good reviews. The experience was better than I expected. I understand from the nurses that DR LIM, being a surgeon, does wisdom teeth surgeries everyday. That, to me, is experience.

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    2017-07-21 23:42    chipmunk18 wrote a review for Dr Perera Inez Sujatha
  • Went to her because the school counselor recommended her. She is very rude, often talking about her own life when you've obviously come to talk about your own. She based her entire diagnosis on a 5 minute conversation With my parents, who, obviously, didn't understand why I was in such an unstable state of mind. Please don't go to her. I would recommend the Promises clinic at Novena, they are more sensitive and a lot more professional

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