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  • 1
    2018-04-05 01:56    angrypatient wrote a review for Dr Lu Zhiyin
  • Nice doctor. Genuinely cared for my pocket

  • 2
    2018-04-05 01:55    angrypatient wrote a review for Dr Lee Hsien Loong Bernard
  • charge very unreasonably. personally told me my teeth was cleaned and yet he charged me $140 for SAP, which is the highest price for cleaning...

  • 3
    2018-04-04 18:53    Anthony wrote a review for Dr Tay Bee Kiong Fidelia
  • I had been treated by her a couple of years ago . She is careful and patient and very professional .

  • 4
    2018-03-25 21:51    A_Fg wrote a review for Dr Lu Zhiyin
  • Agree... not caring and patient

  • 5
    2018-03-14 00:06    alanLai wrote a review for Dr Wong Lee Yuen
  • Today I when to see doctor at Khoo teck Puat hospital This is the doctor Wong Lee Yuen consult me but i find that she has a very bad attitude towards patient, Even the P.A personal assistant has the same attitude. Please Treat patient as priority not under your angle problems. We patient don take attitude as we pay to see doctor not to accept your attitude.

  • 6
    2018-03-01 14:34    KanNiLao wrote a review for Dr Wong Lee Yuen
  • This Doctor has Serious attitude problem please take Note. Review always fake!!!!

  • 7
    2018-03-01 14:33    KanNiLao wrote a review for Dr Lim Yi-Jia
  • Worse doctor ever. Has an attitude problem! Please take note. Review always fake.

  • 8
    2018-02-28 16:14    KCTan wrote a review for Dr Ng Quan Sing
  • He looked after my uncle. He was very thoughtful and caring. The appointment took more than one hour and ran past lunchtime and yet he never rushed us through a whole bunch of questions that we had.

  • 9
    2018-01-08 16:49    JChow wrote a review for Dr Perera Inez Sujatha
  • Dr Inez Perera is a VERY empathetic psychiatrist who listens and probes professionally. Definitely not cold. I've been her patient since early 2000s when she was a consultant psychiatrist at NUH. 5 star for being a mind and soul healer! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • 10
    2017-12-27 15:31    chengann wrote a review for Dr Hamed Fesharaki
  • Very professional. Not pushy. He could have sold me extra services and treatments (descaling, crown, etc) but instead, just advised accordingly to what was needed. Took the time to explain the differences and addressed my concerns. Contrary to other dentists I visited before that, who gave me all sort of expensive options (in SG and BKK). In the end, Dr Hamed did two fillings for me. Both done very well. No pain. Looks great and I feel good.

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