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    2018-10-18 09:27    RyanLim wrote a review for Dr Neo Huiqi Stephanie
  • I had a wisdom tooth surgery under Dr Neo. I was reluctant to do the surgery initially due to fear. However, she is patient and explained to me about the procedure and long-term benefit. Everything is pretty smooth and I'm thankful to her.

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    2018-09-26 03:38    Lauratan1567 wrote a review for Dr NG JIAN TONG ROY
  • I saw Dr Roy at Q&M Buangkok MRT on a Sunday for wisdom tooth surgery. My wisdom tooth was hurting badly for days. He completed the surgery efficiently and everything was painless. Highly recommended. Nurses there were also very helpful and reassuring. 2 thumbs up!

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    2018-09-07 16:17    Dreymin wrote a review for Dr Tay Pek Lian Sylvia
  • Procedure was swift and assuring

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    2018-08-09 17:41    CatherineDouglass wrote a review for Dr Cheah Wei Keat
  • Dear Prof Keat Wei CHEAH: We are celebrating 30 years since our medical school year, with a party at the Blue Duck, Cottesloe, on Sat 20 October. If you can please email me I will send invitation: warm wishes, Cathy Buccilli (Douglass) - catherine.douglass@ellenhealth.com.au
    0421 520767

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    2018-07-18 17:53    cctl wrote a review for Dr Chuah Khoon Beng
  • Dr Chuah Khoon Beng (MCR: 056971) was the doctor in-charge to do my sister's GI mobility test. However, he did a wrong marking and the 24 hour recording was done in vain as no activity can be recorded. As a Senior Consultant, he excused his negligence to too many things were going on, he could not check and blamed the nurse for doing things too quickly that he was not able to check. I am in question with TTSH how a doctor who could not cope and take things easily by not bothering to check be promoted to a Senior Consultant. If it is by years of service, and not performance, then MOH should look into the quality of our healthcare workers. It is a super disgusting explanation. As with all invasive procedures, this procedure is no exception. There are risks and my sister had to go through the same thing twice. This is utterly unfair that no form of compensation of the damages for the time lost and trauma caused. Please avoid this doctor at all cost.

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    2018-07-07 14:46    Jennifer wrote a review for Dr Kam Ning Hui (Gan Ninghui)
  • Had a bad experience with Dr Kam, she showed little concern towards her patient’S comfort during the treatment process, was in pain during the ortho treatment but she just continued without showing any concern or asking if I was okay.

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    2018-06-07 23:35    Gilli wrote a review for Dr Tan Su Meng
  • Superb Dr. Gentle . Professional thorough . No detail over looked. Highly recommend.

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    2018-06-05 16:38    Jaz_1986 wrote a review for Dr Rafidah Bte Muhalil
  • she is a nice dentist,when you say you scared of pain she'll go gentle as i didn't visit more than 6 months still have phobia of visiting dentist.

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    2018-05-04 17:00    alfie wrote a review for Dr Law Ngai Mun
  • 5) Multiple clinic locations with different operating hours, so I pop in at the most convenient one on any given day. Same doctor treating me mean he know my condition and don't have to repeat everything each time
    1) If put-onsmiles and pretense, like airline attendance type behaviour, is important to you, this is not the place for you
    2) Doctor often booked for in-hospital surgery so less time spent in clinic for outpatient and waiting time in clinic can be 1 hour on a busy day, but I'll prefer to be treated by a busy doctor than one with few patients
    3) Fast consultation time may not be everyone's preference. If you prefer talking a long time with the doctor to feel more assured or just want to get your money's worth (like a spa treatment, longer time = more worthwhile?), this is not the place for you. For me my objective is to get treated in the shortest possible time, no unecessary tests, short consultation does not become long consultation to justify higher charg

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    2018-05-04 16:59    alfie wrote a review for Dr Law Ngai Mun
  • Pros:
    1) Staff professional and efficient. No fake smiles and PR sweet talk, but not rude. I like it this way, same like going for car service and hair cut. Just do the job for me quickly, cut the PR crap.I'm there to get treated, not to make friends,
    2) Very experienced doctor, often booked for surgery in hospital,
    3) Consultation is direct and to the point, fast diagnosis and treatment. Good for me since I have to go many times a year, I just want to get in, get diagnosed, collect eyedrops and get on with life. I guess being experienced also make the doctor recognise my condition faster. Time is money, the less time I have to spend with the doctor the better. I'll worry if the doctor need too spend a long time with me, that mean either doctor is inexperienced or I have a really serious disease :(
    4) Medication are mostly original and not generrics, they work better for me,
    5) Multiple clinic locations with different operating hours, so I pop in at the most convenient o

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